ISM PN1.1 Bike Seat 40

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The ISM PN series is specially designed for the triathlete and the time riders. Special designed for a deeper aero posture. For these actions your bike seat does not need to be wider than this. Prevent issues on a later age! Recommended by a lot of urologists and gynecologists!

Prostate Saddle

Prosate Seat

Bike Seat

ISM Prostate Seat

Prostate problems

Prostate problem solvation.

  • ISM PN1.1

    The ISM PN1.1, a relief for many! Do you have sitproblems on your bike for any reason? With this bike seat you wil enjoy riding your bike again. This bikeseat is perfect for every biker, for both men and women. Beceause of the perfect bloodflow of the lowerbody a lot of complains belong tot he past. Have you tried many different bike seats, but nothing worked? This is the last bike seat you will have to buy! Designed by someone who had the courrage tot hink different than everyone else, with as endresult a unique bike seat wich you will enjoy so much, that you will question why this had to take so long to design this seat!


    Fitting for most city bikes and hybrids. The most universal ISM model; comfortable saddle for short rides and the daily shopping trips.

    Choose today for:

    - Your health

    - A better shape

    - The ISM PN1.1

    Length:        275mm 
    Wide:           110mm 
    Padding:       Foam and Gell 
    Rails:           Titanium
    Colour:         Black

    ISM seats are bikeseats with a hole or notch. Enough to relieve the weak parts of your body and seat enough to support your body for a safe ride. The ISM seats are socalled noseless seats, the weakerparts of your body are not getting in contact with the seat, a relieve for both ladies and gentlemen!

    Medical applications:
    Bikeseat for lychen sclerose
    Prostate seat (and more)
    Seat for AMS( 800) prothese
    Seat for vulva problems


    Take your time to adjust this seat!
    Because you are going to be seated on only your seatbones the right adjustment is slightly difficult to find then with a traditional bikeseat. Read the instruction that comes with the ISM seat end watch the vids about adjustment. 
    When you have found the right position you will never want to change your bike saddle ever again!


    prostate saddle for bikes

    saddle for prostate

    saddle for prostatitis

    saddle for prostate



Seat Soreness is a common complain from bikers
First off I want to divide that "Seat Soreness" in 3 things:

- Seat Soreness at the Sitbones.

- Seat Soreness at the Tailbone.

- Seat Soreness at the front.

Click here for the complete explanation.

ISM Seats are bikeseats with a slot wich will take the pressure of the soft tissues (for the women) and of the perineum (for the men). For the women bikeriders is this slot a whole relief. But the fact that ISM Seats are noseless bikeseat add a lot of comfort too! The soft tissues are placed partly in front of the seat and not on the seat. This will solve a lot of problems for the ladies with seat soreness. The slot in the middle will help the gentlemen out there too: the perineum will be placed in the slot. That is the main reason why the ISMseats are called "Prostate saddles". The perineum can pass the vibrations to the (deeper in the body) prostate. Wich will probably end up in prostate problems. So for the gentlemen who enjoy bikeriding but do not like the seat soreness is the ISM Seat the solution!|
Medical applications:
Seat for lychen sclerosis
Saddle in combination with AMS (800) prosthesis
Seat for VULVA-problems

TAKE YOUR TIME FOR FINE TUNING THIS BIKESEAT! This beceause this seat does not have a fulcrum at the front, so fine tuning this seat is a really precise and timeconsuming task. So take your time for this task and adjust this bike seat step-by-step, untill you find the perfect adjustment. When you found that one adjustment you will never want/need a different bikseat!

Find the right way for adjusting here!

Bikeseat with a special shape like these can not be provided with a deck wich consists of 1 part. This seat contains a stitched deck. This means this seat can soak up some water in the seams. We advise you to cover this seat when you leave it out in the rain. When you are using this seat, you do not need to cover it.

manufacturer ISM
country of origin USA

1 year

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